Trade Show Booth Attractions That Will Drive Traffic


If you’re like many marketing and sales professionals, you have a love/hate relationship with trade shows. On one hand, trade shows provide a great platform for businesses to network, advertise, build brand recognition, and create a lasting impression. On the other hand, the typical trade show setup can make it tough for your booth to get attention, which can make trade shows seem like a waste of time, money and effort.

One of the biggest obstacles that companies face at trade shows is getting traffic to your booth so your team can have valuable conversations. Top quality giveaways will get people to stop by your booth, but sometimes it’s hard to get them to stick around and engage. Booth games and attractions can help!

Trade show booth games are a great way to drive attendees to your booth and engage with attendees. Games also make it easier to collect contact information from attendees who stop by your booth. Using games will ultimately help you stand out from the other vendors and generate more leads.

Gamification is a simple way to garner attention, build brand recognition and engage prospects. The idea is to introduce a little excitement, fun and friendly competition to an otherwise predictable event. We can help drive more traffic to your booth by adding some great  CORPORATE TRADE SHOW Rental Products. Our company carries the most extensive and impressive product selection in the Chicagoland and Midwest.

With over 1500 product to choose from, we have the perfect product for your next CORPORATE TRADE SHOW.

1. Arcade Games

Set up a video game console with a popular game that can be played quickly. Depending on the game, you can keep track of the scores and offer a prize for the highest score at the end of the event. Using a retro game console like a Pac-man may get you better results than a new console depending on the age and demographic of your target audience.pacman-table

2. Giant Games

We have many “Giant Games” to fit your booth that are sure to get booth guests reminiscing with these retro games. We have Giant Jenga, Connect Four and Giant Kerplunk.

Ask visitors to play the game against another person at the booth for a prize.

3. Crane Game

This carnival game is a classic challenger! Lower the crane claw and grab a prize! Load the game with all your branded merchandise and let your booth guests walk away with a memorable experience. Good luck and have fun.

4. Graffiti Wall

Need something to create the “WOW factor” at your next Trade Show? Want something that most of your booth guests have probably never seen before?! A new state-of-the-art attraction for creating digital graffiti at trade shows using a laptop, projection screen and an infrared spray-paint can. This is so cool they will be lined up to see it!

5. Zoltar

As you approach Zoltar, he invites you to come and receive a fortune. Trade show attendees also receives a printed fortune that is dispensed at the front of the machine. This can be customized with your brand and message what a way to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your next trade show. Zoltar is always a favorite that draws a crowd!

8. Photo booth


Photo booths are fun, engaging and a great way to elevate your brand. Set up a photo booth with props that pertain to your business or industry, and have your business reps encourage attendees to have their picture taken. Collect contact info so you can email the photos to attendees.

You’ll also want to check with the event organizer to make sure your game is allowed and will fit in your booth space. Make sure your booth games are right for both the trade show and your target audience.


Planning a Springtime Event….Start with a Call to AMJ!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12_Fotor

Spring is about more than just flowers. As events move outdoors, the season brings an abundance of ideas for colorful, cheerful decorations, appetizers, centerpieces, and more. From whimsical tea parties and Easter-egg hunts to jaw-dropping floral design and fresh cocktail recipes, spring-theme events will always be popular. Springtime events can be so fun including communion & graduation parties as well as end of the year and Memorial Day celebrations.  Whether you’re planning a company outing, teambuilding activity, fund-raiser, or school event, there are plenty of ideas for spring events and corporate entertaining this spring.  Let’s look at some helpful tips:

  1. Start the planning process early. In fact, start earlier than you think you need to. This allows you to do your planning in a relaxed orderly fashion. It is never a problem to finish early and be able to sit back and relax. Starting early also allows you the ability to more easily address any problems that crop up during the process.
  2. Talk to a professional planner or coordinator.  If you need a lot of support and help, you should hire a real professional that has some solid experience and can provide the direction and guidance you need. AMJ Spectacular Events is a complete party rental company, designed to fit any sized party at any budget. They are family owned and operated while being supported by a professional & dependable staff. Their Event Specialists have many years of experience planning events for backyard parties, corporate events, picnics, country clubs, tradeshows, churches, colleges, and holiday parties.
  3. If you are going to hire a professional there are a lot of things to consider:
    1. First and foremost, make sure you are comfortable with them;
    2. What type of experience do they have;
    3. Can you see some photos of events they have done;
    4. How long have they been in business;
    5. Can they provide testimonials from people they have worked for and with;
    6. What are their fees;
    7. Will they handle booking all of the service providers for the day or will they simply coordinate all of the moving parts for you.Company_Picnic
  4. Consider an Outdoor Event Spring is a perfect time to consider holding an event outside. Before summer starts to heat things up, the spring is a perfect time to enjoy temperate weather and get some fresh air. Events can be held anywhere from company grounds to a nearby park or on rented space. Determine the location that’s best for you and the events that suit your party’s theme. Ask about our tents, tables and chairs too!
  5. Don’t Skip the Entertainment A good party should be about more than just getting tIMG_3162ogether and eating. Put some consideration into finding DJ service or entertainer. Other ways of livening up the mood include events like trivia/game show rental  or karaoke. Consider a range of entertainment options that can satisfy all your guests. Some popular choices include  Giant Game Rentals like Jenga and Battleship as well as  inflatables for all ages including a Wizards Castle or a Hungry Hippo for older kids.  AMJSE has 1literally 000,’s of inflatables, games, concessions, interactive products, trains, photo booths, and much more.  Their products are fun and add excitement to events, which in turn creates memories that last a lifetime for everyone in attendance!

Relationships with dependable and reliable vendors allow us to provide additional services to make your event truly spectacular. AMJSE would like to be your “one stop shop” to ease some of the stress of event planning. Give us a call or email today to begin your planning!

Cool Products for your Corporate Event!

With every event our customer’s needs are most important to us. Whether you are planning an company, trade show or an elaborate black-tie gala, we take great pride in providing our event planning experience to help create an unforgettable & spectacular event. Here are some unique products that you may want to incorporate at your next event.

AMJ-Spectacular-Events-A-Moon-Jump-4U-flip-book-1 (1)

Picture this, you and your friends, family or co-workers are video taped for about 15 seconds in front of our white or green screen holding signs or funny props while your fun-lil’ antics are printed onto a bound flip book with a customized cover! Your guests leaving a wonderful evening with a glimpse of the fun in a colorful book to put on your desk or on your coffee table. A flipbook that you will treasure and laugh at for years to come. 

You’ve signed the venue contract, the menu is finalized, the DJ is booked and the décor set.  Now you just need something to give the guests an extra memorable experience.  Well, look no further! Flip Books Studio from AMJ rental is the answer to adding that something special to your event that you’ve been looking for! You can use these as unique, personal and fun favors for your guests

Corporate events, marketing tours and tradeshows love AMJ’s Flip Book Studio because the custom covers deliver a marketing message that seen by many and not thrown away.

Let the creativity begin! Our custom sign plates are the perfect unique addition to your event. Customers will love being able to create memorable street signs, license plates, or dry erase boards with their favorite picture or saying. We offer a variety of colors, fonts, and graphics to make your sign unique! These are a favorite at craft fairs and festivals. 

AMJ-Spectacular-Events-A-Moon-Jump-4U-Custom-Sign-Plates-aWith our custom printing process, guests have the opportunity to choose their own vanity plates and have them ready by the end of your event. Car enthusiasts this is the perfect revenue generating addition to your next meet up! Includes, computer system, cutting machine, signs, vinyl, sign-in sheets, and two attendants.







Photo Booths are the most popular addition to parties including corporate events!  Why not bring in the New Year with our Photo Booth?  You’re guests will be thrilled with the opportunity to capture their New Year moment on film.  If you are having any type of social event, your guests will be thrilled to know there will be a photo booth available, and if you are trying to sell your event, a photo booth may just what your event needs to encourage attendance. Call us today to help you plan your next corporate event!AMJ-Spectacular-Events-A-Moon-Jump-4U-Photo-Booths-2