Give Santa the Royal Treatment!

santa santa

Wow — November already!It’s time to begin the holiday festivities!  It’s the busiest time of the year for everyone’s favorite man in the red suit. We’re talking about that jolly old soul, Santa Claus. During the holiday season, he has quite the busy schedule, everyone wants to experience his wonderful Christmas spirit. So why not roll out the red carpet and treat Santa like royalty this year at your corporate holiday party. If you are interested in having Santa attend your holiday party this year, there are a few things that you can add on to make for an unforgettable holdiay event.

Here are some helpful product rentals to ensure that this year’s event is even more merry:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.51.40 AM

Santa Costume Rental, our Santa costume is authentic as it gets! No Christmas party is complete without a visit from the big guy himself!  Santa ia always a highlight of any holiday party or event! Let the kiddies at your party look forward to visit Santa. AMJ offers the perfect suit rental for your celebration.

Giant Light Switch, this is a great item to have to illuminate the space around where Santa will be! Consider stringing lights around where he will be seated and add some festive decor and of course a tree. Once the switch is flipped, the entire area will come to life. Everyone will feel the anticipation of Santa’s arrival!​

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.24.03 AM


Santa’s Mail Box, give kids the opportunity to write letters to Santa while they are waiting to tell him what’s on their wish list. Our mail box is perfect for holiday parties. The kids will look forward to mailing their letter to the big guy!​

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.40.23 PM

Santa Throne, Give Santa the royal treatment, and have him sit upon a throne. Dazzle your guests and fill your little ones with wonder with Santa’s King Throne! Telling Santa about their holiday wishes will be even more magical with this royal-looking, red velvet, hand carved throne. Our Santa’s King Throne is the perfect addition to your next holiday gathering.Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.51.06 AM

Santa Sleigh, Make your visit from Santa even more magical with this realistic and classic looking sleigh! Whether you are using it as a photo prop, a holiday party decoration, or for the jolly man himself, our Santa’s Cozy Sleigh is the perfect addition to your next holiday gathering.




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Throwing a School Fall Fest…Tips, Tricks and the How To’s!


In an effort to be all-inclusive, many schools have moved from the tradition of celebrating Halloween to hosting a fall festival. More than just noting a holiday, these festivals celebrate a season — and take advantage of the educational opportunities it brings. Our expert event planners at AMJ Spectacular Events share there tips, tricks and how to throw a great fall fest for your church, school or corporate event!

Here are some ideas for fall festival games and activities you can use:

“There’s no such thing as an event that’s too organized”, says Deanna an event planner with AMJSE.  Here are a few tips to consider before planning your school fall festival.

Tips for a Successful Fall Festival

1. Don’t forget the cash box

If you’re collecting cash for entry fees, ride or activity tickets, or concessions, make sure someone is in charge of stocking a cash box with a variety of small bills so you can make change when every single person wants to pay for a $3 snack with a $20 bill. Who has signature authority on your PTA bank account? The people who can get the cash box might be limited to the PTA president, secretary, and financial secretary. Make sure one of them is available and knows you need the money. And pay attention to timing – you don’t want to start setting up for a Friday night event only to realize the bank closed an hour ago.

2. Take care of your volunteers

Set up an easy-to-find volunteer check-in station. Make sure someone is there throughout the event to provide guidance and quick training as volunteers arrive. Your volunteers are giving their time and energy – don’t make them guess what they’re expected to do or where they need to go.

3. Include some floaters in your volunteers

You can ask for people willing to serve as floaters, or see if the PTA board members will take on this role. Either way, you’ll be prepared if there’s a sudden rush of people at the cake walk or if the ticket taker needs to leave early.

4. Get older kids involved

Middle school and high school students are great sources for volunteers, and the younger children love seeing the “big kids” be part of their event. Make sure older students know you’ll sign off on their service hours.

5. Have a backup plan for bad weather

When you decided to hold a fall festival, it was easy to envision families enjoying a crisp, clear fall day. Go ahead and plan for a great day outdoors spread across the school grounds – but have a backup plan just in case mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Can you move events indoors? Choose a rain date? If all goes well, you won’t need the backup – but you’ll feel better knowing you’re prepared.

6. Make it fun for all ages

Plan a variety of events appropriate for different age groups. Elementary school students may range in age from 5 to 13, plus younger and older siblings. Don’t try to make everything work for everyone. It’s okay if younger kids line up for face painting, while their older siblings try their prowess at the beanbag toss.halloween_1510982c

7. Include a clean-up crew

When you ask for volunteers, make sure to include a clean-up crew as well as volunteers during the event. You don’t want to wave goodbye to happy, tired participants at the end of a successful festival only to realize you’re all alone and clean-up hasn’t even started.

8. Don’t forget the cash box

At the end of the event, make sure you know who’s in charge of counting the money (there should be two people to do this) and turning it over to the treasurer or someone else with authority to make a bank deposit. Make sure the initial stock of cash doesn’t get counted as part of the proceeds from the event.

Throw a School-wide Fall Festival

A fall festival or harvest party can be just as much fun as a school-wide Halloween carnival. Here are some ideas for pulling one off.

  • Set up booths and stations where the kids can play fall festival games, like the pumpkin pitch game or carnival games for a school festival, and win prizes.
  • Give your elementary school fall festival an educational theme, such as making it all about books and reading. Allow the students to wear costumes, but require them to dress up as their favorite storybook characters.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.26.57 AM
  • A maze of confusion: Who doesn’t love a challenge and these festive mazes are sure to be a hit! Rent our Corn Maze ,  Haunted Ogre Maze or Haunted House Maze. Kids and adults like will love the challenge to get to the other side.
  • Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin.  Our Pumpkin Moon Jump is great to keep the kids entertained! If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.27.15 AM

If you love Halloween, don’t be disappointed if your child’s school doesn’t celebrate it. You’ll find that there are plenty of traditions surrounding the fall season that are just as much fun to enjoy. And as a bonus, most of them are educational, too.

Summertime is Party time with Rentals from AMJ!


Summertime is party season; more specifically, it’s outdoor party season. It’s the time to gather with friends and enjoy the warmer temperatures while they last. And nothing beats having a good meal and good times in your backyard or outdoor venue. Be sure to give yourself enough planning time for a spectacular summer party.  Outdoor parties are great opportunities to enjoy some extra fun that you normally would not be able to indoors. As an immediate advantage, you can invite plenty more guests to an outdoor party. As the saying goes: the more the merrier. So be sure to invite all of your favorite, and even not-so-favorite friends and families. Heck, why not invite the neighbors too. It’s summer time for having some fun~

Extra tables and chairs are a must for an outdoor party and we can help supply enough tables and chairs to comfortably seat all your guests even the little ones.  A canopy tent can provide a nice amount of shade from the hot sun or provide shelter in case the weather turns stormy.

Games and activities are a must for both adults and children alike.  AMJ Spectacular Events is the leading rental company in providing the largest selection of backyard games, inflatables, concessions, bounce houses and much more for any size gathering.

If your planning a causal picnic or BBQ you may want to rent our badminton or bocci ball games or how about setting up Giant Jenga or Giant Checkers for loads of laughs.  If you have little ones to keep occupied then you may want to rent our standard moon jumps available in many themes.

When the weather is warm help your guests cool off in one of our water slides like our popular Freaky Frog Splash with Pool or for something a bit more adventurous try our Raging River 20′ Double Lane Water Slide w/ pool Rental.

Once outdoors, no one is going to want to settle down into preparing food for everyone when there is so much fun to be had. Instead, consider featuring concession machines that take minimal monitoring to ensure proper service of food and treats to your guests. Everyone is sure to get enough out of the hot dog, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cone machines. Other than this, serving bowls full of chips, pretzels or any other finger food snacks should satisfy the guests. For drinks, pack lots of water as a healthy choice, but be eco-friendly and avoid bottle waters, portable dispensers work just fine. Ensure everyone stays properly hydrated, as they will be enjoying hours of fun-filled physical activity outdoors in the sun.

No matter the occasion, an outdoor party usually allows for a lot more fun and partying. Be sure to consider AMJ Spectacular Events in planning your events, there are plenty of ideas to share in planning a successful outdoor party.









It’s a Whole New Way to Photo Booth!


Photo Studio


By using state-of-the art “green screen” technology, your guests will be delighted with a truly interactive photo experience with endless possibilities! Our Photo Studio is perfect for:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • School Functions i.s. Prom or Homecoming
  • Graduation Parties
  • Fundraisers

Some of the features included in our Photo Studio Interactive are customizable step–and–repeat backgrounds, standard photo booth shots, “Be Scene”, which lets your guest appear “inside” the photo booth with each participant, and interactive “Fun Scenes” that take themed interactive shots. Each of these options are prompted by unique videos and “photographers”. Your guests will be able to customize their photo session by choosing from different print size options or share their creations on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Add your company’s logo with our custom logo options. Let us take care of all the work – we will deliver, set-up, and take down your Photo Studio Interactive, so all you have to do is enjoy! 

With revolutionary new features, such as customizable step – and – repeat backgrounds or “Be Scene”, which lets your guest appear “inside” the photo booth, the Photo Studio is a game changer! Don’t forget, every time you enter the Photo Studio, A New Experience Awaits. 

AMJ at NACA 2016!


The team at AMJ Spectacular Events will be heading to this year’s NACA 2016 in Louisville, KY on February 20th – 24th.  More than 85 performers are slated to take the stage during the 2016 National Convention! You’ll see the best music, poetry, comedy, speakers and magicians that the college market has to offer, all under one roof!

We are so excited to bring the best products for College Programming to this year’s conference.  We will be showcasing some of our new product as well as discussing the how to put together a spectacular event on a budget. Here are some tips that may save you money in the long run!Version 2


Make sure your party has a theme!  A theme is ALWAYS fun, no matter how lame you might think it is. Some ideas include retro or throw back parties, Hawaiian or beach themes.  Any theme will work as long as you have a plan on how to incorporate it into your event.  AMJ has Jumbo Inflatable Games that are the perfect add on to almost any theme including games like Giant TwisterGiant Jenga, Hungry Hungry Hippos and more!  

Know your budget! You will want to invest on the products and services that will really make your event fun!  Try incorporating interactive inflatables like our Meltdown or Black oPs Obstacle Course always a hit at campus events. Another fun item is our Custom Street Signs where students can make custom plates with the name of the College or event printed right there.


Advertise! This is usually done through colourful and well-inspired flyers, Facebook group, and/or word of mouth. 

AMJ Spectacular events has been helping colleges plan campus events for decades you can even say we’re experts at it.  So stop by Booth#437 and let us help you plan a great campus event on a budget that will be fun and memorable. Visit us at for more information.



It’s Going to be an Exciting New Year!

The New Year is off to a bang for us here at AMJ Spectacular Events and we could’t be more excited. We have all new games to make your party more fun and spectacular.  We hope to hear from you soon so we can help plan your next event. 
Giant Light Bright: Who remembers playing with a Light Bright as a child? AMJSE has a new take on this classic children’s game that can add some colorful fun to your next event or party! When you rent our Giant Light Bright, you can create a work of art with your company’s logo, greet your guests with an amazing display oScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.40.26 PMf color and light, or let your guests create their own works of art at your next event! The giant, colorful pegs are great for guests of all ages! 
Giant Kerplunk: If you are looking for a classic game rental, one that everyone already knows and loves? Here is a new twist, A Moon Jump 4U has just want you are looking for, Giant Kerplunk! (Some families call this game Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game, that sounds almost as fun as Kerplunk!) Did you know that AMJ also rents Giant Checkers, Jumbo Jenga and Giant Connect Four to go along with your Giant Game theme.) When planning an event and you need some more entertainment ideas, why not offer a few classic games that are familiar (Kerplunk has been around for 35+ years), simple, fun and will help create more memories.
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.41.28 PM
Whack-a-Mole: What can be more fun that the traditional Whack-A-Mole game? An inflatable Whack-A-Mole game! Get your guests up and moving with this exciting, classic game! Guests will have to guess where the mole will pop up next, so they can bop him on the head! An easy to play game that is entertaining for all ages! Adults will remember playing this game as children and kids will love the new challenge! 
Hungry, hungry, Hippos : Are your kids “hungry” for something new, fun, and exciting? Look no further! AMJSE has a giant, inflatable “Hungry, Hungry, Hippos” game ready for your next event! This game will get your kids up and moving as they try to grab the balls from the middle of the inflatable. Children are harnessed in for their safety and up to four children can play at a time.  Stay tuned for more new products from AMJ!
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.41.58 PM

So Different, So Fun…..Waxed Hands


Bring a unique experience to your next event with AMJ Spectacular Event’s Wax Hands! It’s your hand…your way! Pick a pose, customize it with your bright color combinations, and create a 3D wax replica of your own hand!

Whether you want to give a “peace sign”, show someone they are “number one”, or want to “rock on”, you will be able to create a keepsake that will last forever.
Don’t worry about the mess! The process is safe, exciting, and clean!
Let AMJ Waxed Hands bring a unique experience and product to your next event.

AMJ Waxed Hands …. So FUN! It’s your hand… YOUR WAY!

With our safe, exciting, and clean process, anyone is able to make a 3D wax replica of their own hand. Pick a hand pose, customize it with our bright color combinations and have a keep sake that will last forever!


1. You decide what hand sign you want to make: Peace sign, Number One, Rocker, I Luv U, etc.


2.  We dip your hand in wax and then cool it in water. We repeat the process a few more dips and make the mold. Choose your colors.


3. We then remove the mold carefully from your hand…Voilà A wax hand!


AMJSE at theNACA® Mid America Regional Conference!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.42.40 PM

AMJ Spectacular Events will be at the NACA® Mid America Regional Conference this week.  We will be showcasing and talking about some of our new and exciting products for college events this year. Popular this year is our challenging obstacle course Black oPs, race your friends to the end.  Fly high in the air on our Extreme Air or test your patience and skill on the Meltdown.  We also have our indoor Movie Night packages and fun new novelties like our Custom Street Signs  or create a memory of your event with Flip Books

Stop by our booth at the NACA Conference and speak to one of our event planners on how we can help you plan your college campus event. We carry the largest selection, most extensive and impressive interactive games and activities, all in ONE warehouse. AMJ offers spectacular products for Late Night Programming, Late Night Events, Homecoming, Alumni Week, Back to School, End of School, Formal Events, Formals, Outdoor Movies, Indoor Movies, Movie packages and much more.

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) is the recognized leader in higher education providing knowledge, ideas and resources for campus life. Stop by and see us at Booth # 332!

Visit us at

A Spooky Movie this Halloween Night!

Plan an Outdoor Movie Night


halloween_1510982cAs Halloween approaches, it is important to parents that their kids have safe events and activities to go to. Fears have increased over trick-or-treating with today’s dangers that are involved. Many adults worry about the children being unsupervised, being out after dark, and allowing them to take treats from strangers. Local churches and community organizations have been working on finding safe alternatives to the traditional Halloween activities.Planning a fun filled event with plenty of fall activities would give the children an enjoyable experience, and the parents could have peace of mind.

Organizations and church groups looking for a fun way to do this should consider having a fall or Halloween themed outdoor movie night for families. Children look forward to this fun filled evening while the parents can relish the fact that their kids will be avoiding the dangers associated with traditional trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities.

School-Fun-Fair-4u-AMJ-Spectacular-Events-Indoor-or-Outdoor-movie-night-bA successful outdoor Halloween movie event only requires a family friendly movie and lots of terrific games to play. The church or local organization could get the evening started with some fall crafts, bobbing for apples, face painting, and maybe tractor rides. The kids could all come in costume so that they won’t feel left out of this particular tradition. Making a contest out of it adds to the joy. Carnival rides could be brought in, and local vendors could sell food and snacks or bring in a popcorn cart. The more people that are involved, the more it will become a community celebration. Volunteers could help out with all the booths. Small favors and candy make excellent prizes, and it makes the games even more exciting to the little ones. They also get to benefit from the seasonal candy without the fear of where it came from.
When organizing a halloween-alternative outdoor movie event, the main film needs to be appealing for all ages so that the parents can enjoy it along with their children. Something like “Monsters Inc would be ideal. Monster themed films are good too, as long as they aren’t the really scary thrill type of film. A great way to make sure it appeals to many people is to ask the community to help choose. This also gets more individuals involved. Watching whatever selection the organizers pick will be the perfect ending to the day’s events. After all the fun and play, everyone can sit back and relax with their friends and family while watching the movie together.

A safe Halloween alternative such as this is the perfect solution for concerned parents and their children. Everyone will be able to experience a stress free, simply good time with their neighbors and family. The addition of the outdoor movie to the event will make this fall activity a memorable one that families will want to experience year after year.

AMJ is Ready for Halloween Fun!


Are you ready for a frightfully good time? Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America and there are so many spooktacularly fun ways to celebrate.  Take a look at some fun Halloween party themes and products as you start to think about your plans…if you dare…

Monster Mash: Host a monster Halloween party with cute monster cupcakes and brightly colored decorations with googly eyes. A great way to extend this theme is to rent our Haunted Ogre Maze.  How about having a Face painter make up scary monster faces on your guests .

Halloween Carnival: Host a Halloween carnival by changing up the classic carnival games with a Halloween theme. Try a putting a spin on classic carnival games like our Pumpkin Pitch Game, sure to make any fall festival or Halloween party a hit with kids!  Kids will love our  Great Pumpkin Gamewhere players spin the wheels & lift up their pumpkin in hopes of seeing the great pumpkin & winning a goulish prizeOr, try guessing the amount of candy corns in a big bowl. Give kids tickets for each party game as well as for other contests, like best costume, or most creatively decorated pumpkin. At the end, let them trade their tickets in for a pumpkin and delicious homemade Halloween treats.

Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin.  Our Pumpkin Moon Jump is great to keep the kids entertained! If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake. 

Haunted House: This is a classic Halloween party theme, but can be done up to make it one to remember! If you have a big backyard, try extending the haunted house out there and including a Haunted House Inflatable Maze. To make this more fun, set up a scavenger hunt for the kids. Each clue will lead them to another spooky location around your house or yard where they will have to talk to a scary ghost or touch brains and eyeballs (grapes and spaghetti) to get the next clue. Sucker Pull  is also fun, place suckers of your choice into the holes. Color the bottoms of a few. If a sucker with a colored bottom is pulled, you win a prize.