It’s Your Birthday! Celebrating While in Quarantine.

For all our March and April birthday babies, don’t fret. You can still have a memorable birthday, social-distancing-style.

Drive By Birthday Parade

Rally your child’s friends for a neighborhood parade. You can decorate the cars, decorate the people in your cars and even play Happy Birthday songs from inside. A good pick is Hannah Montana’s “Party in the USA” . Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go to someone’s house.  Have them deck out their cars with balloons and signs and drive by.  Tell your child to look outside so they can all sing “Happy Birthday” when he/she comes to the door.


Have a (virtual) house party

Set up a meeting on Zoom and invite all your childs friends to celebrate. The video quality on Zoom is impeccable and you can see each participant’s face in a simple grid view. Want to make things really special? Tell the guest of honor to sign on at little later than everyone else and sing “Happy Birthday” when they log on.

As well as giving you the space to chat and hangout with whoever you like, Houseparty offers a range of in-app activities to do with your friends, including ‘Heads Up!’ and trivia. You can also share your screen with the people on your call, making it super easy to watch films or TV programmes together as you celebrate.

Record a Birthday Greeting!

Ask a bunch your your child’s friends to all send in a recorded video birthday message they can leave a personalized greeting or share a special memory. Once you have all the video recordings you can put them all together to play for your child on their special day. Video Mixer is great to combine all the videos that you collect!

The best gifts for a quarantine birthday

Not sure what to ask for or what to give? Here are a few ultimate quarantine birthday present ideas:

  • Movies or streaming subscriptions
  • Board games
  • Flowers
  • Lottery tickets
  • Books or e-books
  • iTunes or entertainment gift cards
  • Activity books

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