Festive Fall Treats to Warm You Up and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Fall is finally here and AMJ is celebrating the season with our fall treats. Our Fall Treat Rentals are perfect for Fall Festivals, Parents Weekend, School and Church events that need a delicious seasonal treat!

Check out our all new S’mores Bar! Our smores bar is a great dessert presentation that is popular with people of all ages. Interactive, beautifully presented and so much fun! Guests will return again and again and talk about your Smores Bar long after your reception ends. Try one and you’ll want Smore!Smores-Bar-Concession-Rentals

Just in time for cooler nights, warm up with our hot choclate and apple cider bar. Sweeten up this years holiday office party or break room by treating your employees to a hot apple cider and hot chocolate bar, brScreen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.02.27 AMought right to your office by AMJ Spectacular Events! We know it is a busy time of year, so we make this sweet-treat no hassle by doing the work for you. From set up, to serving, to clean up, AMJ Spectacular Events will take care of every detail!

Nothing says fall quite like delicious caramel apples. Make your own Caramel Apples with our Caramel Apple Station, complete with toppings and an AMJ attendant. If you are looking for a splendid treat to offer your guests or hard working employees, then this Caramel Apple Bar is an amazing choice.  Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.02.41 AM



Finally no Fall Event is complete without the ultimate treat, mini donuts!  Can you smell that temptiAMJ-Spectacular-Events-Mini-DONUT-Barng aroma of fresh baked treats? Wow your guests with these hot and delicious donuts right out of the oven, a definite crowd favourite! Try them in cinnamon sugar, or icing sugar! Make super fast delicious donuts with our Mini Donut Bar. Make the donuts to order in less than a minute! They come out piping hot and ready to eat!   Just sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon and sugar, or any other sweet topping you would like, and enjoy! Give us a call at 630-833-4386 or visit our website! to rent these and other fall products!

Our professional reservation staff is ready to assist you with all your party planning rental needs

Throwing a School Fall Fest…Tips, Tricks and the How To’s!


In an effort to be all-inclusive, many schools have moved from the tradition of celebrating Halloween to hosting a fall festival. More than just noting a holiday, these festivals celebrate a season — and take advantage of the educational opportunities it brings. Our expert event planners at AMJ Spectacular Events share there tips, tricks and how to throw a great fall fest for your church, school or corporate event!

Here are some ideas for fall festival games and activities you can use:

“There’s no such thing as an event that’s too organized”, says Deanna an event planner with AMJSE.  Here are a few tips to consider before planning your school fall festival.

Tips for a Successful Fall Festival

1. Don’t forget the cash box

If you’re collecting cash for entry fees, ride or activity tickets, or concessions, make sure someone is in charge of stocking a cash box with a variety of small bills so you can make change when every single person wants to pay for a $3 snack with a $20 bill. Who has signature authority on your PTA bank account? The people who can get the cash box might be limited to the PTA president, secretary, and financial secretary. Make sure one of them is available and knows you need the money. And pay attention to timing – you don’t want to start setting up for a Friday night event only to realize the bank closed an hour ago.

2. Take care of your volunteers

Set up an easy-to-find volunteer check-in station. Make sure someone is there throughout the event to provide guidance and quick training as volunteers arrive. Your volunteers are giving their time and energy – don’t make them guess what they’re expected to do or where they need to go.

3. Include some floaters in your volunteers

You can ask for people willing to serve as floaters, or see if the PTA board members will take on this role. Either way, you’ll be prepared if there’s a sudden rush of people at the cake walk or if the ticket taker needs to leave early.

4. Get older kids involved

Middle school and high school students are great sources for volunteers, and the younger children love seeing the “big kids” be part of their event. Make sure older students know you’ll sign off on their service hours.

5. Have a backup plan for bad weather

When you decided to hold a fall festival, it was easy to envision families enjoying a crisp, clear fall day. Go ahead and plan for a great day outdoors spread across the school grounds – but have a backup plan just in case mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Can you move events indoors? Choose a rain date? If all goes well, you won’t need the backup – but you’ll feel better knowing you’re prepared.

6. Make it fun for all ages

Plan a variety of events appropriate for different age groups. Elementary school students may range in age from 5 to 13, plus younger and older siblings. Don’t try to make everything work for everyone. It’s okay if younger kids line up for face painting, while their older siblings try their prowess at the beanbag toss.halloween_1510982c

7. Include a clean-up crew

When you ask for volunteers, make sure to include a clean-up crew as well as volunteers during the event. You don’t want to wave goodbye to happy, tired participants at the end of a successful festival only to realize you’re all alone and clean-up hasn’t even started.

8. Don’t forget the cash box

At the end of the event, make sure you know who’s in charge of counting the money (there should be two people to do this) and turning it over to the treasurer or someone else with authority to make a bank deposit. Make sure the initial stock of cash doesn’t get counted as part of the proceeds from the event.

Throw a School-wide Fall Festival

A fall festival or harvest party can be just as much fun as a school-wide Halloween carnival. Here are some ideas for pulling one off.

  • Set up booths and stations where the kids can play fall festival games, like the pumpkin pitch game or carnival games for a school festival, and win prizes.
  • Give your elementary school fall festival an educational theme, such as making it all about books and reading. Allow the students to wear costumes, but require them to dress up as their favorite storybook characters.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.26.57 AM
  • A maze of confusion: Who doesn’t love a challenge and these festive mazes are sure to be a hit! Rent our Corn Maze ,  Haunted Ogre Maze or Haunted House Maze. Kids and adults like will love the challenge to get to the other side.
  • Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin.  Our Pumpkin Moon Jump is great to keep the kids entertained! If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.27.15 AM

If you love Halloween, don’t be disappointed if your child’s school doesn’t celebrate it. You’ll find that there are plenty of traditions surrounding the fall season that are just as much fun to enjoy. And as a bonus, most of them are educational, too.

It’s Fall Fest & Carnival Season at AMJ!


Back to school, sweaters, packing lunches, doing homework, readjusting to schedules after the freedom of summer. Yes, it’s time to celebrate fall with a festival, create family bonding time, and maybe even raise some funds for the new school year. Families love to play on the field full of inflatable games, carnival rides, concession machines, and field day style races. We can bring all the prizes or let you choose your own. We are truly the most flexible and hassle free provider of FUN for Carnivals, Fall Festivals, and any school Fundraisers.  Fall carnivals & festivals are great for schools, communities and congregations – bringing people together to have fun and raise funds.


AMJ Spectacular Events has the largest selection of carnival games and activities for school carnivals, fall festivals and carnival themed events. We rent tents, carnival rides, carnival games and interactive inflatable games perfect for school carnival parties. School carnivals are for fundraising and we can help you generate more money by providing great activities designed for big crowds and boost attendance at you’re event.  So much planning and so many details, from outdoor tents to keeping your guests warm, to tables and chairs for outdoor activities.amj-spectacular-events-a-moon-jump-4u-inflatable-corn-maze-1a

Your guests will love finding there way out of the Corn Maze or for a football game try our Field Goal Kick. We are excited to bring some new items into our already huge assortment of products including the Haunted Mansion and our 20″ Jack O Lantern.  Our professional event planners will help you design a carnival or Fall Fest event to fit your budget and age group.

Choosing the right party rental company for your school carnival will make a huge difference in the results and we have years of experience with small and high volume carnivals to make it as stress free as possible. We have a huge selection including photo booths, carnival fun food  and don’t forget the inflatables.  We look forward to working with you so call, click or come by to get things started. http://www.fallthemedrentals4u.com

AMJ is Ready for Halloween Fun!


Are you ready for a frightfully good time? Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America and there are so many spooktacularly fun ways to celebrate.  Take a look at some fun Halloween party themes and products as you start to think about your plans…if you dare…

Monster Mash: Host a monster Halloween party with cute monster cupcakes and brightly colored decorations with googly eyes. A great way to extend this theme is to rent our Haunted Ogre Maze.  How about having a Face painter make up scary monster faces on your guests .

Halloween Carnival: Host a Halloween carnival by changing up the classic carnival games with a Halloween theme. Try a putting a spin on classic carnival games like our Pumpkin Pitch Game, sure to make any fall festival or Halloween party a hit with kids!  Kids will love our  Great Pumpkin Gamewhere players spin the wheels & lift up their pumpkin in hopes of seeing the great pumpkin & winning a goulish prizeOr, try guessing the amount of candy corns in a big bowl. Give kids tickets for each party game as well as for other contests, like best costume, or most creatively decorated pumpkin. At the end, let them trade their tickets in for a pumpkin and delicious homemade Halloween treats.

Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin.  Our Pumpkin Moon Jump is great to keep the kids entertained! If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake. 

Haunted House: This is a classic Halloween party theme, but can be done up to make it one to remember! If you have a big backyard, try extending the haunted house out there and including a Haunted House Inflatable Maze. To make this more fun, set up a scavenger hunt for the kids. Each clue will lead them to another spooky location around your house or yard where they will have to talk to a scary ghost or touch brains and eyeballs (grapes and spaghetti) to get the next clue. Sucker Pull  is also fun, place suckers of your choice into the holes. Color the bottoms of a few. If a sucker with a colored bottom is pulled, you win a prize.