Rope a Calf With Our Rolling Roper!

Rope the calf! …


It’s been called a calf roping machine, a roll-a-roper, calf roper, and roller roper—no matter what you call it it’s a getty-up good time. The Rodeo Roper is an excellent tool for teaching basic roping skills as well as an exciting piece of entertainment for your next western themed event. The Rolling Roper only requires a basic electrical connection and a 10ft by 20ft space.
Pair Rodeo Roper with spicy barbecue, good country music, your favorite buddies and you’ve got a YEE-HAW’N rodeo!

Pair AMJ’s Rodeo Roper with spicy barbecue, good country music and you’ve got a YEE-HAW’N  rodeo!
You mount the horse, rope in hand. Then, with a swift spurring kick to both sides of the horse, the spring-loaded mechanical calf shoots out from under the horse. If you roped him, just pull on the rope to bring him back for “reloading” and another practice run. You and your guests will love it!

Perfect for company picnics!  How about a western themed company picnic this year!  You will need some props, party Country-Western-Party-Ideassupplies, games, and of course music!  Some good ideas for western party decorations include old wagon wheels, old boots, spurs, vintage cowboy hats, lariats, ranch brand symbols, camp lanterns, saddles, bridles, and Navajo blankets. Your western party decorations can be functional, too. For example, when we host a cowboy party, it’s usually held outdoors. Use bales of hay for seating. Put up “wanted” posters with employee pictures, have some fun with it!  Rent our Photo Booth and let us supply fun western themed props!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.59.50 PM

Your guests will the Rolling Roper….steer-roping at it’s best! Rope the steer and win! This attraction is so unique and fun and it also a great photo opportunity! Let AMJSE take care of all the work – we will deliver, set-up, and take down your Rolling Roper for your western themed party, so all you have to do is enjoy! Contact us now to talk about this or about the hundreds of other rentals we have ready to help make your party a spectacular event! Giddy-up and contact one of AMJ’s Expert Party Planners.

Building your brand with better corporate event planning!


Planning a corporate event can be complicated, and there is much to prepare and coordinate to ensure that your event is successful. One of the biggest concerns is keeping within a set budget, and realizing a satisfactory return on your investment. But budgeting any event can be difficult particularly if you are not accustomed to organizing a company conference or trade show. AMJ Spectacular Events has been organizing and planning corporate events for over 15 years.  AMJ has the products, resources, and event expertise, we work with you on your theme, venue selection and product rentals to ensure your corporate event is a huge success.

Got goals?  Let’s meet ’em. Is brand presence and loyalty serious business in your world? We’ve got the tools, products, and skills to build awareness and appreciation of your brand.

Brand Building Products

No matter what the event is your going to want your guests remembering the name of your company or brand and these product rentals are sure to do just that!

From selecting the location to managing the vendors, corporate event planning can be an extremely tedious and elaborate responsibility. Here are a quick tips to keep in mind when planning a corporate event:

1. Determine the Objectives, Goals and Budget: When you define what you want to accomplish with your event, you are making the necessary preparations needed for a successful corporate event.

2. Create the Guest List: When you are putting together your guest list, consider your overall objectives.  A well-researched guest list is a key component to a perfect corporate event.

3. Find a Perfect Venue: The location is key when preparing for your corporate event. Select a venue that works within your budget, but consider what the venue provides (tables, chairs, in-house catering, lighting, sound, etc.) and what can be branded.

4. Confirm Vendor Arrangements: Sign off on vendor contracts as early as possible and make a copy of everything. Any necessary event deposits should also be made well in advance. Also, make sure that any event staff (ticket collectors, ushers, waiters, etc.) are also all well-informed of the plans for the corporate event.

5. Establish Event Timing and Procedures: Is there an opening speech, be sure to allot time for them. Will there be a set time for a sit-down dinner? Ensure adequate scheduling for every piece of the event, and allow additional timing for potential delays.

We hope to hear from you soon!

It’s Going to Be a Great New Year!


New Year’s Eve is a magical night. By the simple turn of a clock, we can put the past behind us, and say hello to a brand new year with bright possibilities. The absolute best way to head into 2017 is to ring in the New Year with an amazing celebration. If you’re planning a December 31st shindig, there is only one place you must consider – AMJ Spectacular Events!

Here are our 5 tips for booking New Year’s Eve entertainment to start off 2017 with the right kind of party:

1. Book Early: New Year’s Eve is the biggest party holiday of the year. Don’t drop the ball and wait until the last second to start planning; all of the best venues, caterers, and entertainers will already be booked. If you are planning a celebration for this year, you should start looking for your entertainment now -as in right now. AMJ-Spectacular-Events-A-Moon-Jump-4U-Photo-Booths-2

2. Set the theme and music!  Music is instrumental (literally!) to any great party. The right DJ or DJ equipment can help set the pace for the evening and can help you kick things into high gear if and when you want the party to really get going. Hosting a themed New Year’s Eve party?  We have decor and ideas to help you plan your themed event. If your event will be a 80’s  themed party, for example, you will want to play Bon Jovi, Madonna and other music from that decade and add on our Pacman arcade game. !

3. Capture the Evening:  You may want to give your guests something to remember the evening. How about with a image from our  Photo Booth , GreenScreen or Open Air Photo Studio it’s as entertaining as it is a great way to have them take home a favor from the party. Set up fun props that tie back to your theme and let them go to town and just have fun


4. Get Creative: Wow your guests by thinking outside of the box when booking your entertainment. You don’t want your party-goers to feel like they came to a cookie cutter party. Give them an event to remember! Entertainers such as magicians, jugglers, or impersonators make great entertainment choices when you want to add some unique flair. They are great at working the crowd and breaking the ice. We ever have air brush artists, face paintersCaricature and more! And, if you really want to be clever, consider hiring Zoltar fortune teller to let guests know what their future holds for the coming year!


5. Follow Up: Communications with your event planner should continue even after you have booked  your event. Check in with them before the event to discuss things like event timeline, song selection, attire and setup. Creating an entertainment checklist is a great way to stay organized. Remember, if you can manage to stay away from any last second surprises, you too will be able to enjoy your incredible New Year’s Eve celebration! PS don’t forget the champagne fountain.…cheers!


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