Throwing a School Fall Fest…Tips, Tricks and the How To’s!


In an effort to be all-inclusive, many schools have moved from the tradition of celebrating Halloween to hosting a fall festival. More than just noting a holiday, these festivals celebrate a season — and take advantage of the educational opportunities it brings. Our expert event planners at AMJ Spectacular Events share there tips, tricks and how to throw a great fall fest for your church, school or corporate event!

Here are some ideas for fall festival games and activities you can use:

“There’s no such thing as an event that’s too organized”, says Deanna an event planner with AMJSE.  Here are a few tips to consider before planning your school fall festival.

Tips for a Successful Fall Festival

1. Don’t forget the cash box

If you’re collecting cash for entry fees, ride or activity tickets, or concessions, make sure someone is in charge of stocking a cash box with a variety of small bills so you can make change when every single person wants to pay for a $3 snack with a $20 bill. Who has signature authority on your PTA bank account? The people who can get the cash box might be limited to the PTA president, secretary, and financial secretary. Make sure one of them is available and knows you need the money. And pay attention to timing – you don’t want to start setting up for a Friday night event only to realize the bank closed an hour ago.

2. Take care of your volunteers

Set up an easy-to-find volunteer check-in station. Make sure someone is there throughout the event to provide guidance and quick training as volunteers arrive. Your volunteers are giving their time and energy – don’t make them guess what they’re expected to do or where they need to go.

3. Include some floaters in your volunteers

You can ask for people willing to serve as floaters, or see if the PTA board members will take on this role. Either way, you’ll be prepared if there’s a sudden rush of people at the cake walk or if the ticket taker needs to leave early.

4. Get older kids involved

Middle school and high school students are great sources for volunteers, and the younger children love seeing the “big kids” be part of their event. Make sure older students know you’ll sign off on their service hours.

5. Have a backup plan for bad weather

When you decided to hold a fall festival, it was easy to envision families enjoying a crisp, clear fall day. Go ahead and plan for a great day outdoors spread across the school grounds – but have a backup plan just in case mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Can you move events indoors? Choose a rain date? If all goes well, you won’t need the backup – but you’ll feel better knowing you’re prepared.

6. Make it fun for all ages

Plan a variety of events appropriate for different age groups. Elementary school students may range in age from 5 to 13, plus younger and older siblings. Don’t try to make everything work for everyone. It’s okay if younger kids line up for face painting, while their older siblings try their prowess at the beanbag toss.halloween_1510982c

7. Include a clean-up crew

When you ask for volunteers, make sure to include a clean-up crew as well as volunteers during the event. You don’t want to wave goodbye to happy, tired participants at the end of a successful festival only to realize you’re all alone and clean-up hasn’t even started.

8. Don’t forget the cash box

At the end of the event, make sure you know who’s in charge of counting the money (there should be two people to do this) and turning it over to the treasurer or someone else with authority to make a bank deposit. Make sure the initial stock of cash doesn’t get counted as part of the proceeds from the event.

Throw a School-wide Fall Festival

A fall festival or harvest party can be just as much fun as a school-wide Halloween carnival. Here are some ideas for pulling one off.

  • Set up booths and stations where the kids can play fall festival games, like the pumpkin pitch game or carnival games for a school festival, and win prizes.
  • Give your elementary school fall festival an educational theme, such as making it all about books and reading. Allow the students to wear costumes, but require them to dress up as their favorite storybook characters.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.26.57 AM
  • A maze of confusion: Who doesn’t love a challenge and these festive mazes are sure to be a hit! Rent our Corn Maze ,  Haunted Ogre Maze or Haunted House Maze. Kids and adults like will love the challenge to get to the other side.
  • Pumpkin Party: Decorate with lots of orange and pumpkin decorations for this party. Have all of your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide them with paint, markers, glitter, paper, and everything they need to decorate their pumpkin.  Our Pumpkin Moon Jump is great to keep the kids entertained! If the kids are older, or their parents are invited too, try pumpkin carving! An easy party favor from this party (besides their pumpkin) is a photo keepsake.Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.27.15 AM

If you love Halloween, don’t be disappointed if your child’s school doesn’t celebrate it. You’ll find that there are plenty of traditions surrounding the fall season that are just as much fun to enjoy. And as a bonus, most of them are educational, too.

Top Ways to Beat The Heat At Your Event!

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.23.31 PM

If you’re planning an outdoor summer event in Chicago, you know that some days can be brutally hot. Luckily, there are things you can do to to help guests beat the heat while not giving up details that make the day picture perfect.

Shield Your Guests From The Sun

By renting tents and canopies, you can shield your guests from the hot sun and provide protection from the frequent pop-up storms of summer. Place fans at each enCIMG2368d of a tent to create a flow-through breeze. Place the dance floor near a fan. The instant breeze will keep guests cool without the worry of them passing out while doing the “Cha Cha Slide”.

Have Cool Treats On Hand

Beat the heat with cool treats for your next summer event. Whether you want to serve up frostie’s, Good Humor Ice cream or snow cones these summertime favorites will keep everyone cool while enjoying a tasty treat!Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 7.20.55 AM

Let Your Guests Splash Around

Kids love the chance to explore, climb, slide, jump, and have a healthy, happy, active playtime. They can do all this with inflatable slides, and when attending events that feature these blow up bouncy houses, they won’t want to leave. Adding water to a summer event can also prevent the kids from over-heating or getting fussy and uncomfortable. Water slides and inflatable pools are perfect for a foot soak or a splash.  Just make sure to have some towels handy to dry off.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.21.33 PMSummer time in the midwest can be an excellent time for an outside event. You just need to know how to keep your guests cool for a great time. Let AMJ Spectacular Events help wtih planning your summertime event.

Outdoor Event Planning Starte Here!


As warm weather approaches, it’s time to start planning for summertime events – outdoor movies, festivals, golf outings, run/walks and more. All of these can be fun events, but if they’re being held outdoors the planning can get tricky.

Here are 8 important things to remember, put together by our AMJ professional event planners, so your next outdoor event will go off without a hitch.


1. Obtain permits and research ordinances. If a permit is necessary for your venue, this is the first step. The fastest way to shut down an event is to hold it without a permit. Also look into noise ordinances, as well as fire and safety codes. Talk to the local authorities, fire department and police about these.

2.  Devise a plan for promoting your event. For a private event, you may just need invitations. These can be print or digital. For events that are open to the public, the promotional options are endless – newspaper ads, signs, banners, social media, news releases. Be sure to put a plan in place so you’ll get the most for your advertising dollars.

3.  Cover all the bases on logistics & layout. Take photos of the venue and create a detailed sketch of how it will be set up. Unless you are utilizing an existing outdoor facility, you’ll be bringing in everything – power, food, communications, equipment, toilets, everything. And when it’s over, you’ll be taking everything out. Advance planning and coordination are crucial. Meet with your suppliers at the venue to coordinate the logistics – from set up to tear down and everything in between. Be sure to factor “loading in” and “loading out” into your timeline.

4. Plan for Entertainment Now that you’ve planned the layout, think about what activites or entertainment will be provided.  How about food & drinks what will you serve?  See below for some suggestions on fun and games for your event!

5.  Supply your event with power. Food stations, music and areas that will need lights will need power stations. If there are not enough, tell your vendors to bring extension cords, and check the power load per plug. Just be sure the power cords don’t run across walkways. Also, have a backup power source on standby.

6. Ensure the comfort and safety of guests. Have a steady supply of drinking water or drinking fountains. Make sure they’re throughout the venue. Some events provide mist sprayers or portable air conditioners to help guests beat the heat.

Sanitation is also important. A lack of restroom facilities or poor toilet facilities can ruin your event. They don’t have to be exactly on the property, as long as they are within a reasonable walking distance.Provide adequate lighting. For an evening event, be sure all exit paths, walkways, restrooms and parking areas are well-lit.Have medical professionals on standby, especially if your event is in a remote area. Or at least keep a first-aid kit handy.

7. Monitor the weather and plan for rain. Start monitoring the weather as far in advance as possible. In addition to rain, keep the wind in mind. You don’t want things to blow over, so make sure everything is anchored securely. Devise a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. Make sure your team knows the plan in advance so they can react quickly if the weather turns. Where will the DJ go? Food and drinks? Registration desks and other essential features?  Maybe have a backup plan to put up tents in case the weather goes south!

8. Make arrangements for clean up. The event may be over, but your work is not. Make sure that you have made arrangements with the sanitation department for cleaning up afterwards. Otherwise, have a hauling firm on hand for cleaning the area once the event is over.

Our AMJ event planners also made a list of some of our more popular outdoor inflatables, games and extras to ensure your outdoor party is SPECTACULAR!

Our expert event planners are ready to help you plan your outdoor event no matter how big or small!  Call us today and let’s get started! 630-833-4386

There’s No Place Like NACA!


March 30 – April 2, 2017; St. Paul, MN


Donuts, inflatables and photos…oh my! AMJ Spectacular Events is headed to the 2017 NACA® Northern Plains Regional Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota! We are so excited please stop by booth#129-131 and be sure to check out our latest products and event rentals!

The Mini Donut Bar turns donut making into a quick and easy thing.   Our on-site donut maker will do all the prep and work to ensure that our guests are enjoying piping hot donuts in no time! We also set up a line of dessert condiments to add to the donuts, like powdered sugar or glaze, and let everyone customize their donuts.AMJ-Spectacular-Events-Mini-DONUT-Bar

Everything you need to make donuts for all your guests is supplied with the Mini Donut Bar.  We provide hot fresh delicious mini donuts prepared right on site for your event or private party. Not only do we make them right in front of you and your guests, but we do so in a way that is visually entertaining as well. Our goal is to give your guests something to remember your event by and AMJ Spectacular Events always delivers!


Perfect for College Events! Capture those moments on film with the Open Air Photo StudioYour guests won’t need their selfie sticks with this interactive photo studio from AMJSE! Your guests will be able to capture their favorite memories from your event, strike a pose, or make silly faces with this perfect addition to your party! By using state-of-the art “green screen” technology, your guests will be delighted with a truly interactive photo experience with endless possibilities!



10450829_800554406641521_5134568719049949072_nHave you ever wanted to be on a Popular TV Show? Well renting AMJ’s, MELTDOWN is the next best thing! Our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock  you off your podium. The poles change direction every 20 seconds, keeping the players  guessing!

It’s Going to Be a Great New Year!


New Year’s Eve is a magical night. By the simple turn of a clock, we can put the past behind us, and say hello to a brand new year with bright possibilities. The absolute best way to head into 2017 is to ring in the New Year with an amazing celebration. If you’re planning a December 31st shindig, there is only one place you must consider – AMJ Spectacular Events!

Here are our 5 tips for booking New Year’s Eve entertainment to start off 2017 with the right kind of party:

1. Book Early: New Year’s Eve is the biggest party holiday of the year. Don’t drop the ball and wait until the last second to start planning; all of the best venues, caterers, and entertainers will already be booked. If you are planning a celebration for this year, you should start looking for your entertainment now -as in right now. AMJ-Spectacular-Events-A-Moon-Jump-4U-Photo-Booths-2

2. Set the theme and music!  Music is instrumental (literally!) to any great party. The right DJ or DJ equipment can help set the pace for the evening and can help you kick things into high gear if and when you want the party to really get going. Hosting a themed New Year’s Eve party?  We have decor and ideas to help you plan your themed event. If your event will be a 80’s  themed party, for example, you will want to play Bon Jovi, Madonna and other music from that decade and add on our Pacman arcade game. !

3. Capture the Evening:  You may want to give your guests something to remember the evening. How about with a image from our  Photo Booth , GreenScreen or Open Air Photo Studio it’s as entertaining as it is a great way to have them take home a favor from the party. Set up fun props that tie back to your theme and let them go to town and just have fun


4. Get Creative: Wow your guests by thinking outside of the box when booking your entertainment. You don’t want your party-goers to feel like they came to a cookie cutter party. Give them an event to remember! Entertainers such as magicians, jugglers, or impersonators make great entertainment choices when you want to add some unique flair. They are great at working the crowd and breaking the ice. We ever have air brush artists, face paintersCaricature and more! And, if you really want to be clever, consider hiring Zoltar fortune teller to let guests know what their future holds for the coming year!


5. Follow Up: Communications with your event planner should continue even after you have booked  your event. Check in with them before the event to discuss things like event timeline, song selection, attire and setup. Creating an entertainment checklist is a great way to stay organized. Remember, if you can manage to stay away from any last second surprises, you too will be able to enjoy your incredible New Year’s Eve celebration! PS don’t forget the champagne fountain.…cheers!


Bring on the end of the year parties!


The school year is coming to an end, how will you celebrate? With a school field day of course! Here you will find the top 8 field day rentals for elementary students.  These items are fun for all ages and will provide hours of entertainment.

Whether you’re hosting an open house, graduation, alumni homecoming, fundraiser or something else, we’re sure you’ll appreciate our immaculately clean equipment and extraordinary service from the time you call us to through the time our Eventioneers return to pick everything up.

Get a Jump Start

School carnivals require a whole lot of advance planning. It’s best to get a jump on it. (Just a little bounce house humor for you!)

Seriously, get your committees together, plan your budgets, set your dates, and reserve our services of course!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.23.56 PM

Your guests can run, jump, crawl, play, climb, and bounce the day away, while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads with our Candyland Village! This decorative inflatable playland will instantly bring a festive feel to your party and will get your guests into the holiday spirit!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.26.44 PM

Or rent our 28″ obstacle for kids 10 and younger. Grab a buddy and try our 28ft obstacle course. Race your friends through this challenging course. See who is the first to get to the other side and win!

It’s a super crazy time of year. Let us do it for you.
We can do booths, games, rides, entertainment… and bounce houses too! We have packages for sports or field days. We have one for water slides. We have several different complete carnival packages depending on the size of your group….

Field days, blacktop carnivals, and school parties seem to make the last month of school fly by. Schools that are looking for a fun treat for their students can take advantage of trackless train rentals to end the year with a bang.


Give one of our event planners a call today and let them help you plan one spectacular field day!

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