Carnival Ideas for your School Event

So you’ve volunteered to help with your school carnival or fun fair, and you’re probably wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into, right?!

Relax – you’re right where you need to be!  AMJ Spectacular Events has been helping with school carnivals throughout the Chicago area for more than a decade, and we know what it will take to make your event memorable and FUN!!

First, you probably want a checklist, to make sure you’re not forgetting something important – we like PTO Today’s carnival checklist.  Then, you need to find a vendor you can trust.

carnival ideas for schoolsAMJ Spectacular Events is your one-stop shop for “all things carnival”.  You’ll want to find the right carnival games, plus perhaps an obstacle course or a moon bounce, and what kids’ event is complete without some fun food?!

Our staff has the wealth of ideas and experience that you’re looking for.  Call us today at 630-833-4386, or contact us day or night at  We look forward to helping with your special event!

Inflatable Zip Line for All Sizes and Ages!

Big news for thrill-seekers in the Wisconsin / Illinois / Indiana area!  A Moon Jump 4U (a division of AMJ Spectacular Events) has recently acquired a one-of-a-kind mobile zip line.

If you’ve wanted to add some real excitement to a birthday party or company event, but worried that a portable zipline might be too scary for some of your guests, we have the solution!  Watch the video below and you’ll see that our zip line has several advantages:

  • riders sit on a seat, so it can accommodate sizes from 300 lbs down to very young children!
  • there’s a slide, for those riders who freak out when they realize just how high up they are when they get to the top!
  • the ride is shorter, but FASTER than many other zip lines – a sprint from top to bottom!
  • can accommodate up to 200 riders per hour – perfect for larger events!

Inflatable Zip Line Rental Illinois

You may see other inflatable zip lines in the Chicago area, but our Tidal Wave Inflatable Zip Line is unique – the striking blue wave patterns make you feel like you’re flying over water.  And ours is only 28 feet tall, so it will fit in more locations than the 35-foot structure offered by some other companies (their extra height comes from a decorative element that sticks out of the top).

If you decide that you want a traditional zip line, we have that too – a huge, 3-story tall, 220-foot long zipline that will make a BIG impression at your upcoming event!

Be sure to contact us right away to check on availability – we had several bookings for this unique inflatable before it even arrived in our warehouse!  Just call us (630-833-4386) or email us ( right away.  Imagine having THIS at your event!

Mobile Zipline Rental Indiana

When Is An Obstacle A Good Thing?

As adults, obstacles are things that get in our way – the fewer we encounter in our day, the better.  But have you noticed how kids LOVE obstacles?!  In particular, obstacle courses.  Whether it’s the fun of testing themselves to see what they can accomplish, or the thrill of competition, kids seem to want to do obstacle courses over and over and over.

An obstacle course can be a great addition to your Chicago area birthday party or family oriented event.  Our 58-foot “Rat Race” inflatable obstacle course is big, colorful, and full of character!  Your kids’ eyes will light up the first time they see it, and their smiles as they exit will make for a perfect photo opportunity.

A Moon Jump 4U, a division of AMJ Spectacular Events, has been renting inflatable bounce houses and obstacle courses to families, organizations, and businesses around Chicago and northeast Illinois (and as far away as Wisconsin and Indiana!) since 2004.  Contact us today to check on availability!

Race Fans Experienced Acceleration & Exhilaration at the 2013 Indianapolis 500!

The Snake Pit at this year’s Indy 500 featured, for the first time ever, the 220-foot Fly Wire Mobile Zipline. Race fans had a unique view from the 3-story tall structure, and at speeds of over 20 mph, the zipline added to the exhilaration of an already-exciting day. The fun wasn’t restricted to kids – anyone weighing between 50 and 250 lbs was eligible to ride.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway had been considering a zipline since the previous year, and not surprisingly, safety was the number one concern. They considered several different vendors, and finally settled on AMJ Spectacular Events from the Chicago area. AMJSE has a strong record of safety, and prior experience at big venues from Colts Stadium to The Oprah Show.  Here’s one of several reports from local Indianapolis media outlets, talking about the fun…

To bring the excitement of a mobile zip line to YOUR next event, simply call us (630-833-4386) or email us ( – but hurry, as the summer schedule is filling fast!

Party Equipment Rental in Chicago and Beyond!

Some party equipment rental companies have limited product availability, while others only cater to huge commercial customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rent whatever equipment you need, and to be treated like an important client, not matter how large or small your event may be?

party eqipment rental chicagoA Moon Jump 4U, a division of AMJ Spectacular Events, has provided equipment rental to small backyard parties, and huge city-wide events, for more than a decade. If you have a party coming up in the Chicago area, or anywhere in the Illinois – Indiana – Wisconsin region, you’ll want to check out our huge selection of tents, tables, and chairs. While you’re at it, have a look at our inflatable rentals, concession equipment, and everything else you’ll need to make your event a success.

You have enough other details to handle when planning your party – why not make this part easy, by trusting professionals who will deliver exactly what you need, right when you need it! You can email us day or night (, or give us a call during business hours at 630-833-4386 to talk with one of our friendly event consultants.

Corporate Team Building SHOULD Be Fun & Games!

team building activities illinois indianaAt AMJ Spectacular Events & A Moon Jump 4U, Inc. we cater to many corporations for their team building experiences each and every day.  Through our relationships with downtown hotels, restaurants, sporting stadiums and the Convention Hall, we are supplying the rental needs of numerous businesses and venues with our fun and exciting products!  Whether your group is looking to rent a rock climbing wall, trailered mobile zip line, interactive inflatable obstacle courses, or giant tricycle races (great for corporate team spirit!), we will help you to transform your ordinary team bonding event into something extraordinary.  Our rental products & games can be found throughout the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin) in some very popular venues like Soldier Field, Lucas Oil Stadium, McCormick Place, Navy Pier, The Sears Center and many more.  We look forward to serving your team-building needs soon!  Please call Stephen Rhea at 877-386-2657, or email

Businesses Turn to AMJ for Spectacular Indianapolis Corporate Events!

Indianapolis Corporate Event Rental CompanyAt AMJ Spectacular Events & A Moon Jump 4U, Inc. we cater to many of the corporations that visit Indianapolis each and every day, for their business and social needs. Through our relationships with downtown hotels, restaurants, Lucas Oil Stadium and the Convention Hall, we are supplying the rental needs of these businesses with our fun and exciting products.  Whether you’re looking to rent a rock climbing wall, trailered mobile zip line, interactive inflatables, casino night, arcade game night, green screen photos or fun team-building activity games, we will help you to transform your ordinary event into something extraordinary. We are now preferred vendor partners with “Visit Indy“, the best source for all your activities while visiting Indianapolis. Our fun, exciting products can be found at the Little Indy Race as well at the Indianapolis 500.  Contact Jim in our Indianapolis office to discuss your particular needs – call him at 317-691-1651 or email today!

Thinking Of Renting A Mobile Zipline For Your Next Chicago Event?

Zipline Rental in Chicago IllinoisMobile ziplines are one of the most exciting products available for rental these days, but if you’ve just rented simple bounce houses in the past, you may be wary of these big, complicated machines.

First, are they really scary?  Of course!!  That’s the whole point!!  But as the person in charge of the event, YOU don’t have to be scared – and here’s why…

The biggest issue with mobile ziplines is keeping the rider off the ground at all times.  There are multiple, redundant systems throughout the product which ensure this.  Wondering how riders get off at the end?  There’s a machine which keeps tension on the zip line until they’re done, then safely lowers them to the ground.  While this is happening, the doors on the tower are not able to open.  Ingenious!

Naturally, no machine is safe if the operators are untrained or unprofessional!  In the Chicago area, you can trust A Moon Jump 4-U & AMJ Spectacular Events to provide the right people as well as the right equipment.  Contact us today with your questions or for a quote, by calling us at 630-833-4386, or by emailing us 24/7 at  But first, click on the video below to see a Mobile Zip Line in action!

Are Jumping Jax The Same Thing As Bounce Houses?

We have noticed a trend recently, where folks are searching for either “jumping jax” or “jumping jacks” when searching for inflatable bounce houses.  We were curious, so we checked online dictionaries and found that “jumping jacks” can refer to many different things…

  • jumping jacks can be the physical exercise where you move your hands and feet at the same time, in what some call a “star pattern”
  • a jumping jack can be the toy figure with jointed limbs that dances when you pull the attached string
  • and, of course, jumping jacks can be extremely entertaining inflatable products for kids of all ages!!

Interestingly, Wikipedia doesn’t have an article about “jumping jax” – which means there must be no such thing!!  Just kidding…  but if you’re looking for a moon jump, bouncy house, or other inflatable rentals in the Chicago area, look no further!  No matter what you call it, we have LOTS of them to choose from!  Just click on any of the links near the top of the page, and when you’ve found some that look like fun, contact us for pricing and availability.  For safe, clean jumping jacks (or are they jumping jax?!), contact us today!

Rent Jumping Jacks / Jax in Chicago

Ideas & Games for Company Picnics in Chicago

Is your Chicago-area business planning a corporate picnic or party in the near future? Are you the lucky person tasked with pulling it all together? If so, then congratulations are in order – you’ve already found the single best resource on the web for games and other equipment to make your company event successful and memorable!

Company Picnic ChicagoYou know that food and drink are prerequisites, but why not try something a little different? And once folks are done eating, what are they going to do?  How about hiring an entertainer?  You can also rent games that will bring a smile to faces young and old.  If it’s a family-oriented company picnic, then inflatables will transform awkward silences into raucous laughter.  We’ve got it all, right down to the tents, tables and chairs!

A Moon Jump 4-U & AMJ Spectacular Events is Chicagoland’s premiere supplier of rental equipment for corporate events.  Start clicking on the links near the top of this page and you’ll see the vast array of equipment for rent, backed by the professional service and quality that will make YOU look like a hero!  Contact us today at 630-833-4386, or email us day or night at